“Mesut is in really top form and he’s an important player for us. He’s proved that he’s a key player in the last few seasons. I love playing with him because he’s a really talented player and we understand each other well. That’s why I’m really comfortable with him and I hope it stays that way until the end of the season, with these good moments of football.” — Cristiano [x]

“Cristiano is for me an extraordinary person in every way. Upon my arrival almost two years ago to Madrid, he took care of me intensely. This help was not superficial, but it came and always comes from his heart. […] The thing I am most impressed about him it’s how down to earth he is. This is no joke, even if it wouldn’t be for many not certainly the first word for come to mind of him. Although public beliefs and the press stories might give different view: in reality despite his success, he is always helpful, polite and friendly. Just a nice guy.” — Mesut [x]


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Kind Words for Sami Khedira

  • José Mourinho: “I see his future in Madrid. I don’t think that an intelligent player when he’s in Madrid, wants to move. I think he’s an in intelligent boy… he is for sure because I know him well now.” […] “I see him as a better player. I think last year was a year of adaptation, a new reality not an easy reality. And this season should already be a season for an evolution on his game—to feel more freedom, to feel more confident and to express himself in a different way.”
  • Xabi Alonso: “As soon as Sami arrived here, we could see that he was willing to adapt and to get to know each other quite well. We both play in the same position, so it was important to have a good understanding between each other. He’s young but at the same time very mature, very serious, and he’s a great guy. You can see that everything he does he wants to do it with great professionalism, with a great attitude. He gives the best that he has in each game and that’s the most important. We have a great relationship.”
  • Mesut Özil: “Sami Khedira is a very important player, for me personally as well as within the team.  I have known for years. He is really a friend of mine. He is like a brother to me. On the pitch, he has proved how valuable he is even for one of the biggest clubs in the world, Real Madrid. For me it is important to play with him for the same club. He supports me a lot, I support him a lot. I am very happy to play together with him at Real Madrid.”
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: “For me he is one of the most professional players in the club. He’s a great guy, a calm guy. He doesn’t joke a lot but when he jokes, he’s a very funny guy. We like him a lot, me and all the players. I think he’s great for Madrid; he’s a fantastic player.”

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Every time when i see him praying on the pitch, I feel his halo shining like the brightest diamond in the sunshine. I love u Mesut, even more than i know.

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2013-01-17 Measuring for his wax figure for Berlin Tussaud Wax Museum. #HQ#
This man is in love….
2013-01-15 Spain Copa del Rey 1/4 RMA vs Valencia 
2013-1-12 spain la liga BBVA RMA vs Osasuna Mesut Ozil